A more effective workout

As a trainer I receive a lot of questions about almost everything exercise related.. I’ve created this blog based on the frequent advice I give; it’s meant to guide you in the right direction where I most frequently see people get lost or become frustrated.. Here are some ways to make your workouts more effective… Continue reading A more effective workout

5 Ways you might be sabotaging your workout!

We all do it.  We all compete at the gym.  Maybe it’s for your own self-motivation, or maybe it really is an outright competition! Either way, we’ve all tried to out-do someone at the gym.  That girl who just got on the tread mil next to you… She’s at 6.5mph.  You think ” I can… Continue reading 5 Ways you might be sabotaging your workout!

Don’t Diet: Make Better Choices

Don’t Diet; Make Better Choices With so many diets out there; it’s easy to get caught up.  Diets are a temporary solution to a lifelong problem of poor eating habits.  Diets can help clients temporarily lose weight, but you can’t be on a diet your entire life.  It’s more beneficial long term to make better choices… Continue reading Don’t Diet: Make Better Choices

Best accessory for WMC; A GREAT body

Miami’s biggest lineup of events starts in 8 weeks. Winter Music Conference.  The wmc flyers are already scattering through Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road, people are being hired to hand out ULTRA lineups outside of clubs, and hotels are booking up from March 21- 30.   The reason I bring this up is because most… Continue reading Best accessory for WMC; A GREAT body

The truth about “dat Ass”!

One common goal among most of my female clients is to have a bigger butt.  But wait… it gets better, they also want a smaller waist, “toned” arms, and don’t want to touch a weight heavier than 5 pounds. What do I do?  I EDUCATE them!!! This blog is going to concentrate on the “larger… Continue reading The truth about “dat Ass”!