Best accessory for WMC; A GREAT body

Miami’s biggest lineup of events starts in 8 weeks. Winter Music Conference.  The wmc flyers are already scattering through Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road, people are being hired to hand out ULTRA lineups outside of clubs, and hotels are booking up from March 21- 30.   The reason I bring this up is because most… Continue reading Best accessory for WMC; A GREAT body

The truth about “dat Ass”!

One common goal among most of my female clients is to have a bigger butt.  But wait… it gets better, they also want a smaller waist, “toned” arms, and don’t want to touch a weight heavier than 5 pounds. What do I do?  I EDUCATE them!!! This blog is going to concentrate on the “larger… Continue reading The truth about “dat Ass”!