Personalized Plans

A personalized plan is a 1-3 month exercise plan with specific goals based on your overall health and physique goals.

Let me help you plan out your workouts to the last detail for optimal results!  You won’t have to wonder if you are using your time at the gym efficiently.  I will choose the best type of training based on your history, goals, and available resources.

I can help beginners start a new program or adjust a program that has stopped producing substantial results.

With all of this information I can cater your plan to your goals and help keep you motivated without actually standing next to you.

Benefits of a personalized exercise plan

  • The program is catered to you and your goals
  • Workouts are efficient
  • Workouts are more effective
  • See results faster
  • Caters to your schedule
  • Remove any guess work in your exercise selection or order

*If you are in the Miami Beach Area you have the option of meeting with me for one hour to personally go over each exercise and break down the plan step by step.

Exercise plans consist of

  • Detailed Spreadsheet that you can fill out and send back to me so I can track your progress
  • Each week set up with a specific number of workouts and rest days
  • Each workout laid out with exercises, sets, and repetitions.
  • Description of each exercise
  • Weekly adjustments can made based on your feedback
  • Constant exercise progressions and changes based on your profess, goals, and feedback

Personalized plan options

  • 1 hour kick off personalized session and a 3 month plan
    • $219
  • 3 month personalized exercise plan
    • $129.00
  • 1 month personalized exercise plan
    • $59.00


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