5 Ways you might be sabotaging your workout!

We all do it.  We all compete at the gym.  Maybe it’s for your own self-motivation, or maybe it really is an outright competition! Either way, we’ve all tried to out-do someone at the gym.  That girl who just got on the tread mil next to you… She’s at 6.5mph.  You think ” I can… Continue reading 5 Ways you might be sabotaging your workout!

Don’t Diet: Make Better Choices

Don’t Diet; Make Better Choices With so many diets out there; it’s easy to get caught up.  Diets are a temporary solution to a lifelong problem of poor eating habits.  Diets can help clients temporarily lose weight, but you can’t be on a diet your entire life.  It’s more beneficial long term to make better choices… Continue reading Don’t Diet: Make Better Choices