Best accessory for WMC; A GREAT body

Miami’s biggest lineup of events starts in 8 weeks. Winter Music Conference.  The wmc flyers are already scattering through Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road, people are being hired to hand out ULTRA lineups outside of clubs, and hotels are booking up from March 21- 30.  

The reason I bring this up is because most people want to look good for WMC.  First and foremost it is about the music, (but don’t act like you wouldn’t love to get a compliment on your great physique while you are living it up all week in nothing more than a bikini.)  

Maybe your new years resolution to get healthier, lose a certain amount of body fat, or increase your squat is starting to lose steam.  So let me tap into something else to get you motivated…. Pure unbridled vanity

Get your body to look the way you’ve always wanted it to look! Tight abs, toned arms, cellulite-free, strong legs, whatever you want.. If you start exercising the right way you will look great and feel even better! Do you really want to be self conscious while trying to enjoy yourself at a pool party?

In 8 weeks , (just in time for WMC pool parties)

  • you can lose 2-7% body fat
  • lose 10-16 pounds
  • gain muscle size (aka bigger biceps, pecs, booty)

IF you train properly. 

Going to the gym every day is great, but if you do the same thing, or don’t push yourself beyond your limits, you won’t see results.  The body is very tricky.  Programming must be on point and specific to see results.  Our mind is extremely smart and lazy as hell.  Once we create a neurological pathway to accomplish something (aka a squat)  our brain figures out the most efficient way to carry out that movement using the least amont of muscle, burning the least amount of calories.  

How do we avoid this?  Programming.  Thats where I come in..  I am taking on Personal Training clients 1 on 1, partner training (if your partner has similar goals), and I offer program design as a last resort. My rates are competitive and fair.  Contact me with all inquiries.  305-968-3154/

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on multiple designer swim suits to get noticed, or finding ways to hide your cellulite with a sarong… Start training!!!! Even a cheap swimsuit will look amazing when you have a great body, and I promise you will get noticed 😉  

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