Becoming content with ourselves or our lives is detrimental to progress.

Lately I have been content with my diet and current fitness level. This is upsetting because I noticed I’ve stopped striving to be better; in the process I have regressed. Today is the day I am making a change.

I am in shape and healthy, but I’ve taken my age, genetics, and health for granted for many years.  I’ve been doing the bare minimum to eat healthy, look good, and stay in shape.  I drink alcohol fairly often, eat junk food, and take more than one or two days off in a row…

Today it finally dawned on me…. What if I really strive towards “perfection” in terms of diet and exercise.  If I can slide by with only moderate effort, what will happen when I give it my all.

Now if my friends are reading this they probably think I am already nuts, working out 6-7 times a week (3 cardio and 3-4 weight sessions), and not eating junk every day.  But I should know better.  I do know better, there is much more I can do to improve upon myself.

I am the definition of a hypocrite when I put long hours into creating my clients monthly strength/conditioning programs, but when I go to the gym; I put a workout together on the fly…  I tell clients to stay away from alcohol and white bread.. then I go out and drink to come home at 3am and have pizza????  That is not acceptable.  I need to lead my clients by example and ‘practice what I preach’.

I am lucky to be surrounded by such a wealth of knowledge at Equinox.  I have some of the best trainers working next to me every day.  We have coaches, athletic trainers, dietitians, nutrition specialists, professional athletes, and fitness models to name a few. I am going to take full advantage of their expertise, my education, and current research articles to tap into my true potential.

I am going to clean up my diet.  No processed foods, less alcohol, less starches.  I am going to create a workout plan for myself; exercise selection, sets, reps, and weight all written out. I will go to bed and wake up earlier.  (Whomever said early to bed early to rise was not joking).  Keep my stress levels down, (maybe incorporate Yoga). And lastly I will take advantage of every single day.  Each day I will strive to be better.

This isn’t a trial or diet plan, this is my new life choice.  My health and fitness are now my priority.

Please join me on this journey at whatever extent is right for you at this moment.  It’s our obligation to own up to our potential and get the most we can out of this one body we are given.

This blog will help hold me accountable for my actions.  Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, information, research, or even motivation…



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